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Barclay Design launches 'Barclay Cards'

Greetings Cards by Sussex Artist & Designer Caz Barclay. 

Caz Barclay is an artist and designer based in Worthing, West Sussex and is inspired by the ever changing hypnotic beauty of the surrounding Sussex countryside, coastline and waterways as well as other areas in southern England. 

The magic of nature and the ever changing environment are the main focal points of Caz's recent work.  Caz is enthused by the incredible colours in nature, flowers, water, sky, rocks.  Her artwork mainly focuses on vivid colour and colour statement.

With the environment changing so fast, more and more building, busier roads etc., Caz wanted to take some of the more 'traditional seaside' imagery and produce some work that takes the viewer out of the 'hubbub'  and 'confusion' and isolates the essence of the places she portrays.   In much of Caz's work you will find a 'soaring seagull' or 'bright deckchair'  these are the items that Caz calls 'seasoning' , like salt and pepper in a food recipe.

Caz Barclay studied at the West Sussex college of Design and went on to specialise in graphic design and print. She has always continued with her painting and has explored many different types of media.


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